Editing Mapfiles#

MapServer Studio uses Ace a high performance code editor for the web. The editor is customised for working with Mapfiles, with the features listed below.

Syntax Highlighting#

The editor is configured to use highlighting for the Mapfile syntax. Keywords and Mapfile properties will be displayed in different colours.

Undo and Redo#

The File menu contains an Undo and a Redo button to help with editing Mapfiles.

The MapServer Studio toolbar with the OwS Inspector button

The Shortcut keys CTRL+U for Undo and CTRL+SHIFT+Z for Redo can also be used.

Code Folding#

The editor comes equipped with a code folding feature, allowing you to collapse Mapfile blocks like LAYER....END. This can be useful to hide sections of large Mapfiles to concentrate on specific blocks.