Map Exports#

MapServer Studio allows the map image in the viewer to be exported to different formats. These can be selected by clicking the “Export” button and selecting the output format:

The Export button in MapServer Studio

For the image formats (including SVG) the image will open in a new browser tab. You can then right-click on the image to save it to disk.

Right-click the image to save

PDF files will download the PDF directly when selected. The downloaded file name will be something like download (1) without an extension. You may have to rename this to download (1).pdf to open the file in a PDF reader or browser.

Currently the following output formats are supported: PNG, JPEG, SVG, and PDF.

Details on the output format configurations can be seen in the MapServer OUTPUTFORMAT documentation. Please get in touch at if you require additional output formats to be added to the user interface, or made available within MapServer Studio.